US Dollar-Indian Rupee

82.93 0.07 (0.09%)

Strike  80  has a total call value of 0  versus a total put value of  770,053,800 Combined total value = 770,053,800

Strike  80.25  has a total call value of 1,398,825  versus a total put value of  701,639,525 Combined total value = 703,038,350

Strike  80.5  has a total call value of 2,797,650  versus a total put value of  633,225,250 Combined total value = 636,022,900

Strike  80.75  has a total call value of 4,196,475  versus a total put value of  564,810,975 Combined total value = 569,007,450

Strike  81  has a total call value of 5,595,300  versus a total put value of  496,396,700 Combined total value = 501,992,000

Strike  81.25  has a total call value of 8,226,050  versus a total put value of  429,082,600 Combined total value = 437,308,650

Strike  81.5  has a total call value of 10,856,800  versus a total put value of  361,768,500 Combined total value = 372,625,300

Strike  81.75  has a total call value of 13,581,750  versus a total put value of  294,638,125 Combined total value = 308,219,875

Strike  82  has a total call value of 16,321,800  versus a total put value of  227,782,300 Combined total value = 244,104,100

Strike  82.125  has a total call value of 18,203,462.5  versus a total put value of  196,333,662.5 Combined total value = 214,537,125

Strike  82.25  has a total call value of 20,085,125  versus a total put value of  164,885,025 Combined total value = 184,970,150

Strike  82.375  has a total call value of 22,000,675  versus a total put value of  134,095,562.5 Combined total value = 156,096,237.5

Strike  82.5  has a total call value of 23,916,225  versus a total put value of  103,306,100 Combined total value = 127,222,325

Strike  82.625  has a total call value of 26,578,825  versus a total put value of  79,232,712.5 Combined total value = 105,811,537.5

Strike  82.75  has a total call value of 29,285,762.5  versus a total put value of  56,257,737.5 Combined total value = 85,543,500

Strike  82.875  has a total call value of 33,214,462.5  versus a total put value of  38,580,225 Combined total value = 71,794,687.5

Strike  83  has a total call value of 39,887,025  versus a total put value of  24,619,437.5 Combined total value = 64,506,462.5

Strike  83.125  has a total call value of 53,132,187.5  versus a total put value of  16,634,237.5 Combined total value = 69,766,425

Strike  83.25  has a total call value of 68,844,812.5  versus a total put value of  9,873,075 Combined total value = 78,717,887.5

Strike  83.375  has a total call value of 89,083,050  versus a total put value of  6,779,800 Combined total value = 95,862,850

Strike  83.5  has a total call value of 111,206,175  versus a total put value of  3,867,400 Combined total value = 115,073,575

Strike  83.625  has a total call value of 139,927,450  versus a total put value of  3,155,800 Combined total value = 143,083,250

Strike  83.75  has a total call value of 168,648,725  versus a total put value of  2,444,200 Combined total value = 171,092,925

Strike  83.875  has a total call value of 201,699,900  versus a total put value of  1,959,025 Combined total value = 203,658,925

Strike  84  has a total call value of 234,751,075  versus a total put value of  1,473,850 Combined total value = 236,224,925

Strike  84.25  has a total call value of 307,300,250  versus a total put value of  1,159,250 Combined total value = 308,459,500

Strike  84.5  has a total call value of 381,473,600  versus a total put value of  896,700 Combined total value = 382,370,300

Strike  84.75  has a total call value of 458,186,875  versus a total put value of  634,150 Combined total value = 458,821,025

Strike  85  has a total call value of 535,012,975  versus a total put value of  371,600 Combined total value = 535,384,575

Strike  85.25  has a total call value of 612,990,000  versus a total put value of  278,700 Combined total value = 613,268,700

Strike  85.5  has a total call value of 690,967,025  versus a total put value of  185,800 Combined total value = 691,152,825

Strike  85.75  has a total call value of 768,944,050  versus a total put value of  92,900 Combined total value = 769,036,950

Strike  86  has a total call value of 846,921,075  versus a total put value of  0 Combined total value = 846,921,075

Max Pain - Choose a symbol

What is Max Pain?
Max pain, or the max pain price, is the strike price with the most open contract puts and calls - and the price at which the stock would cause financial losses for the largest number of option holders at expiration.
Calculating Max Pain
Max pain is a simple but time consuming calculation. Essentially, it is the sum of the outstanding put and call dollar value of each in-the-money strike price. For each in-the-money strike price for both puts and calls:
  1. Find the difference between stock price and strike price
  2. Multiply the result by open interest at that strike
  3. Add together the dollar value for the put and call at that strike
  4. Repeat for each strike price
  5. Find the highest value strike price. This price is equivalent to max pain price.

How can a trader benefit?
As the option expiration approaches, option writers will try to buy or sell shares of stock to drive the price toward a closing price that is profitable for them, or at least to hedge their payouts to option holders. Call writers sell shares to drive share price down and Put holders buy shares to drive share price up. The max pain strike price exists somewhere in the middle.