864.8 20.00 (2.37%)

Max pain for JSWSTEEL

19 Apr 2024 04:17 PM IST
Max Pain for JSWSTEEL is 850  

Strike  680  has a total call value of 0  versus a total put value of  45,388,350,000 Combined total value = 45,388,350,000

Strike  690  has a total call value of 0  versus a total put value of  42,254,325,000 Combined total value = 42,254,325,000

Strike  700  has a total call value of 0  versus a total put value of  39,120,300,000 Combined total value = 39,120,300,000

Strike  710  has a total call value of 10,125,000  versus a total put value of  36,016,650,000 Combined total value = 36,026,775,000

Strike  720  has a total call value of 20,250,000  versus a total put value of  32,913,000,000 Combined total value = 32,933,250,000

Strike  730  has a total call value of 30,375,000  versus a total put value of  29,827,575,000 Combined total value = 29,857,950,000

Strike  740  has a total call value of 40,500,000  versus a total put value of  26,752,950,000 Combined total value = 26,793,450,000

Strike  750  has a total call value of 50,625,000  versus a total put value of  23,722,200,000 Combined total value = 23,772,825,000

Strike  760  has a total call value of 74,925,000  versus a total put value of  20,867,625,000 Combined total value = 20,942,550,000

Strike  770  has a total call value of 99,225,000  versus a total put value of  18,061,650,000 Combined total value = 18,160,875,000

Strike  780  has a total call value of 123,525,000  versus a total put value of  15,302,250,000 Combined total value = 15,425,775,000

Strike  790  has a total call value of 147,825,000  versus a total put value of  12,697,425,000 Combined total value = 12,845,250,000

Strike  800  has a total call value of 186,975,000  versus a total put value of  10,213,425,000 Combined total value = 10,400,400,000

Strike  810  has a total call value of 307,800,000  versus a total put value of  8,160,750,000 Combined total value = 8,468,550,000

Strike  820  has a total call value of 474,525,000  versus a total put value of  6,294,375,000 Combined total value = 6,768,900,000

Strike  830  has a total call value of 707,400,000  versus a total put value of  4,663,575,000 Combined total value = 5,370,975,000

Strike  840  has a total call value of 1,009,800,000  versus a total put value of  3,300,075,000 Combined total value = 4,309,875,000

Strike  850  has a total call value of 1,383,075,000  versus a total put value of  2,218,725,000 Combined total value = 3,601,800,000

Strike  860  has a total call value of 2,101,275,000  versus a total put value of  1,608,525,000 Combined total value = 3,709,800,000

Strike  870  has a total call value of 3,236,625,000  versus a total put value of  1,187,325,000 Combined total value = 4,423,950,000

Strike  880  has a total call value of 5,300,100,000  versus a total put value of  903,825,000 Combined total value = 6,203,925,000

Strike  890  has a total call value of 8,184,375,000  versus a total put value of  695,925,000 Combined total value = 8,880,300,000

Strike  900  has a total call value of 11,487,825,000  versus a total put value of  537,300,000 Combined total value = 12,025,125,000

Strike  910  has a total call value of 16,383,600,000  versus a total put value of  473,850,000 Combined total value = 16,857,450,000

Strike  920  has a total call value of 21,438,000,000  versus a total put value of  410,400,000 Combined total value = 21,848,400,000

Strike  930  has a total call value of 26,844,750,000  versus a total put value of  346,950,000 Combined total value = 27,191,700,000

Strike  940  has a total call value of 32,433,075,000  versus a total put value of  283,500,000 Combined total value = 32,716,575,000

Strike  950  has a total call value of 38,263,050,000  versus a total put value of  220,050,000 Combined total value = 38,483,100,000

Strike  960  has a total call value of 44,376,525,000  versus a total put value of  156,600,000 Combined total value = 44,533,125,000

Strike  970  has a total call value of 50,690,475,000  versus a total put value of  117,450,000 Combined total value = 50,807,925,000

Strike  980  has a total call value of 57,057,075,000  versus a total put value of  78,300,000 Combined total value = 57,135,375,000

Strike  990  has a total call value of 63,493,200,000  versus a total put value of  39,150,000 Combined total value = 63,532,350,000

Strike  1000  has a total call value of 69,988,050,000  versus a total put value of  0 Combined total value = 69,988,050,000

Max Pain - Choose a symbol

What is Max Pain?
Max pain, or the max pain price, is the strike price with the most open contract puts and calls - and the price at which the stock would cause financial losses for the largest number of option holders at expiration.
Calculating Max Pain
Max pain is a simple but time consuming calculation. Essentially, it is the sum of the outstanding put and call dollar value of each in-the-money strike price. For each in-the-money strike price for both puts and calls:
  1. Find the difference between stock price and strike price
  2. Multiply the result by open interest at that strike
  3. Add together the dollar value for the put and call at that strike
  4. Repeat for each strike price
  5. Find the highest value strike price. This price is equivalent to max pain price.

How can a trader benefit?
As the option expiration approaches, option writers will try to buy or sell shares of stock to drive the price toward a closing price that is profitable for them, or at least to hedge their payouts to option holders. Call writers sell shares to drive share price down and Put holders buy shares to drive share price up. The max pain strike price exists somewhere in the middle.