171.35 -2.10 (-1.21%)

Strike  110  has a total call value of 0  versus a total put value of  94,396,500,000 Combined total value = 94,396,500,000

Strike  115  has a total call value of 0  versus a total put value of  87,381,000,000 Combined total value = 87,381,000,000

Strike  120  has a total call value of 0  versus a total put value of  80,367,000,000 Combined total value = 80,367,000,000

Strike  125  has a total call value of 1,500,000  versus a total put value of  73,564,500,000 Combined total value = 73,566,000,000

Strike  130  has a total call value of 3,000,000  versus a total put value of  66,762,000,000 Combined total value = 66,765,000,000

Strike  135  has a total call value of 6,000,000  versus a total put value of  60,357,000,000 Combined total value = 60,363,000,000

Strike  140  has a total call value of 9,000,000  versus a total put value of  53,983,500,000 Combined total value = 53,992,500,000

Strike  145  has a total call value of 49,500,000  versus a total put value of  47,610,000,000 Combined total value = 47,659,500,000

Strike  150  has a total call value of 105,000,000  versus a total put value of  41,349,000,000 Combined total value = 41,454,000,000

Strike  155  has a total call value of 202,500,000  versus a total put value of  35,622,000,000 Combined total value = 35,824,500,000

Strike  160  has a total call value of 300,000,000  versus a total put value of  29,895,000,000 Combined total value = 30,195,000,000

Strike  165  has a total call value of 799,500,000  versus a total put value of  25,273,500,000 Combined total value = 26,073,000,000

Strike  170  has a total call value of 1,422,000,000  versus a total put value of  20,652,000,000 Combined total value = 22,074,000,000

Strike  175  has a total call value of 3,511,500,000  versus a total put value of  17,827,500,000 Combined total value = 21,339,000,000

Strike  180  has a total call value of 5,773,500,000  versus a total put value of  15,196,500,000 Combined total value = 20,970,000,000

Strike  185  has a total call value of 8,628,000,000  versus a total put value of  13,036,500,000 Combined total value = 21,664,500,000

Strike  190  has a total call value of 11,482,500,000  versus a total put value of  10,969,500,000 Combined total value = 22,452,000,000

Strike  195  has a total call value of 15,247,500,000  versus a total put value of  9,181,500,000 Combined total value = 24,429,000,000

Strike  200  has a total call value of 19,141,500,000  versus a total put value of  7,503,000,000 Combined total value = 26,644,500,000

Strike  205  has a total call value of 25,663,500,000  versus a total put value of  6,517,500,000 Combined total value = 32,181,000,000

Strike  210  has a total call value of 32,461,500,000  versus a total put value of  5,631,000,000 Combined total value = 38,092,500,000

Strike  215  has a total call value of 40,929,000,000  versus a total put value of  4,963,500,000 Combined total value = 45,892,500,000

Strike  220  has a total call value of 49,396,500,000  versus a total put value of  4,318,500,000 Combined total value = 53,715,000,000

Strike  225  has a total call value of 59,442,000,000  versus a total put value of  3,673,500,000 Combined total value = 63,115,500,000

Strike  230  has a total call value of 69,625,500,000  versus a total put value of  3,054,000,000 Combined total value = 72,679,500,000

Strike  235  has a total call value of 80,889,000,000  versus a total put value of  2,544,000,000 Combined total value = 83,433,000,000

Strike  240  has a total call value of 92,239,500,000  versus a total put value of  2,040,000,000 Combined total value = 94,279,500,000

Strike  245  has a total call value of 104,449,500,000  versus a total put value of  1,536,000,000 Combined total value = 105,985,500,000

Strike  250  has a total call value of 116,740,500,000  versus a total put value of  1,036,500,000 Combined total value = 117,777,000,000

Strike  255  has a total call value of 130,134,000,000  versus a total put value of  732,000,000 Combined total value = 130,866,000,000

Strike  260  has a total call value of 143,529,000,000  versus a total put value of  429,000,000 Combined total value = 143,958,000,000

Strike  265  has a total call value of 157,107,000,000  versus a total put value of  295,500,000 Combined total value = 157,402,500,000

Strike  270  has a total call value of 170,686,500,000  versus a total put value of  162,000,000 Combined total value = 170,848,500,000

Strike  275  has a total call value of 184,771,500,000  versus a total put value of  118,500,000 Combined total value = 184,890,000,000

Strike  280  has a total call value of 198,856,500,000  versus a total put value of  75,000,000 Combined total value = 198,931,500,000

Strike  285  has a total call value of 213,319,500,000  versus a total put value of  51,000,000 Combined total value = 213,370,500,000

Strike  290  has a total call value of 227,782,500,000  versus a total put value of  27,000,000 Combined total value = 227,809,500,000

Strike  295  has a total call value of 242,245,500,000  versus a total put value of  16,500,000 Combined total value = 242,262,000,000

Strike  300  has a total call value of 256,717,500,000  versus a total put value of  6,000,000 Combined total value = 256,723,500,000

Strike  305  has a total call value of 271,440,000,000  versus a total put value of  3,000,000 Combined total value = 271,443,000,000

Strike  310  has a total call value of 286,176,000,000  versus a total put value of  0 Combined total value = 286,176,000,000

Max Pain - Choose a symbol

What is Max Pain?
Max pain, or the max pain price, is the strike price with the most open contract puts and calls - and the price at which the stock would cause financial losses for the largest number of option holders at expiration.
Calculating Max Pain
Max pain is a simple but time consuming calculation. Essentially, it is the sum of the outstanding put and call dollar value of each in-the-money strike price. For each in-the-money strike price for both puts and calls:
  1. Find the difference between stock price and strike price
  2. Multiply the result by open interest at that strike
  3. Add together the dollar value for the put and call at that strike
  4. Repeat for each strike price
  5. Find the highest value strike price. This price is equivalent to max pain price.

How can a trader benefit?
As the option expiration approaches, option writers will try to buy or sell shares of stock to drive the price toward a closing price that is profitable for them, or at least to hedge their payouts to option holders. Call writers sell shares to drive share price down and Put holders buy shares to drive share price up. The max pain strike price exists somewhere in the middle.